3 Additions To Your Online Booking Form To Increase Bookings

Hey friends, and welcome to our latest escape room marketing blog! Hope you and your loved ones are well!

Last week, I shared 3 of the most common escape room marketing mistakes – and how to avoid them!

Today, I want to talk about your online booking form – and specifically how to get more bookings on it. After all, that is the ultimate goal from all of the marketing, advertising and hard work you put into promoting your escape room – right?

Online booking forms can take many shapes and sizes – many escape rooms use specific booking software, whilst others have an in-house booking form. Whatever you use, they’ll always be different ways to increase conversions – i.e. increase the number of bookings you get.

So today I’m going to share 3 of the most important additions you can make to your online booking so you can get more bookings and customers.

Think about it – all the handwork and money you spend and invest into your marketing to get people onto your website, and onto your booking form – only for the vast majority to leave without booking. Incredibly frustrating, and unavoidable to an extent.

Now I’m not saying or promising every single person who visits your booking form will place a booking with you if you make these 3 additions – but they’ll be more likely to. And every extra booking is a bonus.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the 3 additions…

Addition 1: Money Back Guarantee

Ah, money back guarantees. Some businesses hate them, others love them.

As for me, I love them and I think you should too!

Why? Because customers do, especially escape-room virgins and first-timers!

Whilst the concept of escape rooms is well known by now, there are still many people out there who either don’t understand them or have never been to one. So when these people are on your booking form, they’re more hesitant than others to book.

And who can blame them? They work hard for their money and they should be careful with how they spend it. We all should!

So by offering these potential customers a guarantee that protects them, that gives them a safety net, which explicitly states they can get all of their money back if they don’t enjoy their experience – you’ll get more bookings.

But I know what you’re thinking – won’t you lose money like this? Won’t people take advantage of such a scheme and want their money back even if they had a great time?

Firstly, I get your point – sure there’s always a risk to that. But in my professional opinion, the risk is tiny.

To start with, people will love their experience with you – of-course they will! Because you’ll make sure they’re just the latest in a very, very long line of satisfied escape artists.

And even if there happens to be one group out of a thousand who are particularly fussy, or maybe are just sore losers, or hard to please (you know the type I mean) – there’s a lot of data which says that money back guarantees are very rarely taken up upon – even by these types of people.

This is because asking for their money back is hard for people to do – can you imagine doing it? I know I wouldn’t.

So if you don’t already offer a money back guarantee, strongly consider doing it. And if you do, please make sure you specifically state it on your booking form. Make it known, and I promise you’ll get more bookings as a direct result.

Addition 2: Testimonials + reviews

I know your escape room is awesome. You know your escape room is awesome. Your customers know it too. But do your potential customers?

Much like with the money back guarantee, having testimonials and reviews from raving fans and happy customers will give potential customers the confidence to book with you for the first time.

But you already know that. Your website and much of your marketing will probably already include reviews. (If not, here’s a link to a previous blog I’ve done on reviews and where to use them in your marketing – this is a MUST READ!)

But what many escape rooms miss out on, is including reviews on their booking form. And I get why.

Their marketing already includes reviews, so why should the booking form? And if people have gotten to the booking form, why do they need to see reviews?

And to answer those questions, I’ll ask another question – why doesn’t 100% of visitors to booking forms make a booking? Many reasons, but you’ll bet a lot of them lack the confidence to make that purchase.

So adding some of the greatest reviews, as videos, images or just text – won’t do any harm to the booking form – only enhance it, and only make potential customers that bit more confident to book.

Addition 3: Facebook Pixel

Addition 1 + 2 are great ways of getting more people to book the first time they visit your booking form. But even then, some people will leave without booking – it’s just one of those things.

But just because somebody visits your booking form and leaves – it doesn’t mean they won’t come back and book in the future.

Especially if you do some re-targeting or re-marketing. This is where you run marketing at specific audiences depending on action they’ve taken on your website. For example, advertising to all website visitors.

And the best way to do this is using facebook ads – which first requires the installation of your unique facebook ad pixel (tracking code) on your website and booking form.

I’ve actually written a few blogs and guides on this entire strategy, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel by repeating all of that. Here’s the links to each, in the order you’ll need to carry them out:

Installing Facebook Pixel

Using the Facebook Pixel to get more bookings


How to get 10% more bookings using remarketing

One thing I will say here right now is the facebook pixel and remarketing/targeting may seem complex – but the installation takes minutes and the sooner you do it, the sooner you can start to get more bookings.

And my blogs/guides above walks you through everything you need to do. So what are you waiting for?

That’s all for now. I really hope you’ve found todays blog post informative and useful. The 3 additions may seem quite small changes to make – and sure, they are. But the impact they can have on your bookings is MASSIVE.  

Before I go, on a personal note I wish you all and your loved ones all the best in the coming days and weeks.

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