5 Additions To Your Website To Increase Your Bookings

Hey friends, and welcome to the latest in our special series of escape room marketing blogs centred around the ongoing worldwide pandemic, where an end may finally be in sight!

Before I get started, I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are healthy.

Last week I shared 11 free escape room marketing resources.

But for today, lets talk about your website and the bookings you get from it. The majority of bookings you receive will come from various sources which all end up on your website. But what you may not realise is the majority of people who visit your website leave without booking.

In fact, on average, 97% of your website visitors will leave without booking. And 70% of those will NEVER return to your website.

So you work hard, and invest so much time and money into marketing to get people to your website, only for 97 out of every 100 visitors to leave without booking. That’s crazy! It’s madness!

But don’t worry, because there are some simple additions you can make to your website which will help increase your bookings by 15% or more! And yes, I mean simple. You don’t need to be a coder, a website designer or a digital marketing guru to make these additions. Anybody can!

And it’s these 5 simple but effective additions that I’m going to share with you today.

I don’t need to tell you that each of these additions could make a huge difference to your bookings, and thus earnings, for years to come. So please take notes, and then make the additions to your website!

1. Information

You know how awesome your escape rooms are. You know what people will experience – the emotions, the challenges. But you may be surprised to learn that not every visitor to your website will know this.

Many visitors will need educating before they can decide to make a booking or not. Your website should have plenty of information readily at hand for visitors to access. This could be in the form of FAQ’s, or more subtlety done throughout the webpages.

To help you be as informative as possible, ask yourself these questions. And type what the answers are:

  • Why should people book one of your rooms?
  • What’s in it for them?
  • What emotions, what experiences will visitors go through when they attend?

Be really clear what you offer, and people will instantly be more open to booking then and there.

2. Hygiene regulations

This is something that has never been more essential and relevant than in 2020. Following the events of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, which seems to be slowly dissipating, people are more aware of hygiene than ever.

People are scared, and will continue to be scared for a long time. This provides an additional barrier to their decision to book (or not to book) with you.

Your website should be really clear on all of the hygiene regulations you have in place to ensure the health and safety of every single one of your players.

Provide reassurance, show you care, and people will feel safe and confident enough to book.

3. Games, puzzles & brain teasers

People are significantly more likely to book one of your rooms if they are engaged with you and your content. The BEST way by far to engage visitors to your website, is to get them to play a little free game, puzzle or brain teaser.

There’s two different ways of doing this. 

The most proven method is the Game Popup from VirallyBot which has been proven to increase bookings by 15%+. The Game Popup is an interactive experience where players have “get out of the house”.

And best yet, it’s easy to install (literally takes seconds) and is available for free for 30 days.

To learn more, click here.

Similar to putting mini-games on your website to engage with people, you can do the same with static puzzles or brain teasers. Simple images that offer some kind of challenge is a fantastic way of engaging with visitors, getting them to stick around longer and making them more likely to book.

There are many websites that can inspire you to make your own puzzles or brain teasers, or you can sign up to receive weekly branded puzzles straight into your inbox for FREE by clicking here.

4. Facebook Pixel

If you’ve ever used Facebook Ads or learnt how they work, you’ll surely know of the Facebook Pixel. This is a piece of unique code, that can be added to your website in seconds, and allows you to track your visitors and target them on Facebook.

Whilst there are many uses for the pixel (so much so that I might have to dedicate a future blog to the subject), the best by far is retargeting. By having the pixel installed on your website, Facebook will be able to create an audience of all of those people who visit your website but don’t book.

It’s these people, the 97 out of 100, that have shown interest by visiting your website. But something has put them off, or made them hesitate. They are ripe for picking, and by tracking them with the pixel, you can run adverts specifically to these people – enticing them to return and make a booking!

5. Exit pop ups

Most website platforms allow the creation of pop ups that show up on a visitors screen when they attempt to leave your website. You’ve probably experienced these yourself when browsing certain websites.

They’re a great way of getting something out of each visitor. Your pop up can ask your visitors to take certain actions – one of which may be to play the interactive Game Popup, where players can win discounts.

Another option could be to get viewers to watch a trailer and learn more about your escape room. (If you haven’t got a video trailer of your escape rooms, make one!). Or you could simply give your visitors the option to sign up to a newsletter where they receive regular news, updates, discounts and offers from your escape room.

And there you go – 5 additions you can (and so should!) make to your website in order to increase bookings by 15% or more!

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