5 Things You Need To Be Doing On Social Media When Your Escape Room Is Temporarily Closed

Hey, and welcome to the second special edition escape room marketing blog, where I aim to provide advice and support to escape rooms around the world who are having to (if they haven’t already) shut down their escape room temporarily.

Things are changing so fast with this situation that by the time this blog is published, the world will be different from how it is right now: at 9pm on Thursday 26th GMT.

One thing that is clear to us all by now is this won’t be over in the next few weeks. BUT, it will be over eventually, maybe in a few months. Before you know it, you’ll be able to reopen your escape room.

What will you find when that day comes? Will you struggle to start to get people to book your rooms? Or will you have a line of people eagerly ready to play your escape rooms.

I’m sure you want the later, right? But how do you ensure people are lining up ready to book your room?

Well, today I want to share 5 ways of doing this using your social media. Your room may be closed, but that is no reason to not be posting on your escape rooms social media. If anything, you have extra time to do more of this!

But by doing so, you shouldn’t just be aiming to ensure you have new customers lining up for the future. It is your job now as a business owner, as a human being, as somebody who has access to social media followings – to be a source for good.

Why? Well, simply put, it’s the right thing to do now! Everybody must stick together, and that goes for all of us humans. It may be hard to believe right now, but this situation that has held the world to ransom is leading to many positive things.

And one of the biggest is how it’s uniting the world against a common enemy – The Co-

I’m not going to say it.

So by doing the 5 things I’m going to share today, you will be a source for good, for positivity. You’ll be recognized as a business who cares and who is there for its local community.

And from a business point of view, the better job you do of this the easier you’ll find attracting new customers and getting new bookings when this has all blown over and your room has reopened.

It’s win-win!

Before I dive in to the 5 things you should be doing, a quick note.

Now is a time for action – not in-action. For doing all you can to help others and to prepare your escape room business for the future.

So make sure you take notes, and plan to implement at least 2 of the 5 things I’m going to suggest you start doing on your social media.

I promise you, it will be worth it.

Positive Posts

The first thing you should be doing often on your social media is making and sharing positive posts. Times are difficult for everybody, people are hurting – physically, emotionally, financially. The media is constantly sharing news of woe, people need some positivity.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Posts with images reminding people that things will get back to normal, and to focus on making the best of today so they’re ready for tomorrow
  • Posts with images reminding people to look after themselves and their families, by staying in doors and taking all recommended precautions for your area
  • Posts with images supporting health and care services in your area and your country – for example here in the UK people are sharing a lot of posts in support of our health service the NHS
  • Posts with images on special days in celebration of local, nationwide or even worldwide events. Don’t let the gloom overshadow these annual celebrations!
  • Posts with images that just share the love – we’re all in this together, do your part, help those most vulnerable whilst protecting yourself, etc.

Spread the love people!

Informative Posts

The next thing you should be doing often on your social media, is sharing informative posts. It’s important that all information on this situation is 100% accurate, you don’t want to share any health advice or suggestions that could be wrong!

A great way of ensuring accuracy, is sharing or reusing posts shared by your local or national government. Despite the best efforts by governments, they’re not always able to get information out to every single person. Be a hub of information and support efforts to beat this situation by sharing informative government posts.

An example of what I mean is a post recently shared by our government here in the UK (please only post content relevant to your country to ensure accuracy).

I have to stress this one last time – the information you share must be 100% accurate and official. As much as you want to help, there have already been cases of incorrect medical advice leading to deaths. So by sharing only posts your government shares, you can ensure this doesn’t happen.

Local Business Posts

The third thing you want to do often with your social media is posting about local businesses. Whilst your escape room is temporarily closed, there will be local businesses who supply essentials working hard to stay open and do all they can for people.

Support both them and the local population by sharing their posts and telling people what they have in stock, or what times they’re open, or how to arrange deliveries, etc.

Highlight Posts

The fourth thing you should be doing often with your social media, is making posts about your escape room – in particular highlights. It’s important to be positive and informative, but you also want a good balance of relevant escape room posts.

And by this, I don’t mean simply recycling old posts that try to get bookings – that obviously won’t work and is not a good idea right now.

But you have images – videos – reviews of your escape rooms. Sharing some of these now and again is a great way of reminding people what they have to look forward to once normal life resumes.

And will help you build an audience of people who will want to book your escape rooms when you can re-open.

And honestly, this can be a great distraction for people too in these difficult times.

A quick example of this:

“This time last year, Team Tots beat our Baker Street room in a record 33 minutes – a time that is still unbeaten today!

Puzzle/Brain Teaser Posts

The fifth and final thing you should be doing with your social media is something I talk about very often on my blogs: posting puzzles and brain teasers.

People need distracting. They need entertaining. And your followers love a challenge, they love having to overcome something.

And posting puzzles, brain teasers, etc. is a great way of engaging with your following too – which means it should be something you keep doing after this all blows over and you re-open for business.

People who are engaged with your social media, with your content and with your escape room is significantly more likely to book your room!

Here’s a few great examples of puzzle/brain teaser posts that escape rooms use that I myself have put together for them:

If you struggle for ideas of what puzzles/brain teasers to post, I’m offering all escape rooms the opportunity to get weekly branded puzzles sent straight to their inbox. Currently well over 60 escape rooms are using this and the response has been great!

If you’d like to sign up to free weekly branded puzzles, fill out this quick form:


Please Take Care

On a personal note before I sign off, please ensure you take care in these challenging times and protect and look after yourself and your family. Only then can you go forth and provide support and help to others via your social media as I’ve shared today.

Before I let you go, I have a quick question. Which of the 5 suggestions I’ve made today are you going to start to follow? I’d love to know!

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Thank You 😊

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  1. Posted your brain teaser this morning, and I’ll schedule an auto post for the answer. I’ll be looking for positive, heartwarming, and funny posts, that will also be scheduled.
    Thank you for this… We might be able to last 6 months of no income. I want my customers to see my logo and look forward to seeing what we post.

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