9 Pitfalls To Avoid When Using Digital Marketing For Your Escape Room

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Last week I shared 5 cost-effective alternatives to Facebook and Google ads.

Today I’m going to be talking about digital marketing in general, and the pitfalls you need to avoid when using digital marketing for your escape room.

Digital marketing is incredibly powerful – you know that, and they’ll be plenty of different digital marketing you’ll be doing every single day. But even escape rooms who are experienced with digital marketing need to be cautious.

You see, digital marketing will only do great things for you if you do it right. It’s a long journey from starting to use digital marketing to having it sustain your escape room by providing bookings.

And it’s during this journey that you’ll risk falling into pitfalls that, if you fail to prepare for, can lead to the downfall of your digital marketing efforts – and even your escape room entirely.

Here are 9 digital marketing pitfalls you need to look out for…

Pitfall 1: Understanding

When looking for inspiration and ideas, you’ll only ever come across digital marketing that did well. What you don’t get to see is the failures, the times things went wrong and money was spent for little if any return.

This can naturally cause people wanting to start out in digital marketing to think it’s actually very easy. Sure, anything is easy if you understand how to do it — and therein lies the pitfall:

Ensure you understand digital marketing before you start doing it! Don’t just jump in because you believe you know enough or that it’s a piece of cake.

Pitfall 2: Audience

Digital Marketing allows you to target people via their phones, tablets, laptops and PCs — at work, at home and on the move.

That being said, your digital marketing will only perform if you target the right kind of audience. It’s not enough to simply do a broad promotion online to everybody – because the sad truth is, not everybody will be interested in visiting your or any escape room.

For example — wedding dresses. You wouldn’t try to sell a wedding dress to a teenage boy, so why promote to them?

Take the time to understand WHO would want to book an escape room and ensure you only target those kinds of people.

Pitfall 3: Quality

By overcoming the Audience pitfall, you now face another: quality. Even when you only target your ideal audience, you are still at risk of not making any sales. This is because the quality of the audience isn’t high enough — they’re the right kind of people, but they’re not in a position to buy – and in particular, they’re not engaged!

Different digital marketing will result in different qualities of leads and audiences. Aim for quality over quantity. There is no use driving 100 people to your website if only 1 buys. It’s better to drive 10 people to your website who are of quality, with 5 buying.

As for what equals quality – you always want to think about engagement. 10 people who are engaged with your content, your marketing, your brand – are a million times more likely to book with you than 100 unengaged people.  

Understand that success comes from quality and not quantity. Set your sights on less of a higher quality, than more of a lesser.

Pitfall 4: Money

Digital marketing, like any marketing, is an investment, You spend £100 this month with the goal of making more than £100 in bookings. This means it’s easy to run out of money faster than you can make it.

It’s more of a case of cash flow, rather than making a loss. By avoiding all of the other pitfalls you will be able to make a profit. But you then need to ensure you maintain a positive cash flow.

Digital Marketing is like a tap — you can turn it on or off, make it rain bookings faster or slower. Turn the tap to ensure you only spend what you want to, until you can start to make money back, then rinse and repeat — slowly building up as you go.

This however doesn’t work for seasonal, limited time promotions such as Halloween or Christmas. Ensure you have ample reserves of cash in place for times like these where you have a limited window to maximise your bookings.

Maintain ample cash flow, even if it means having to reduce your marketing until you can get some of your money back via bookings.

Pitfall 5: Credibility

Your escape room needs credibility. It’s not enough to claim that your escape rooms are awesome (which they are), and that all of your customers love visiting. You need to prove it!

Ensure your digital marketing (website, social media, booking form, etc) has several testimonials or reviews from buyers — these must be LEGITIMAT but the format can vary from written to video.

Make it easy for your audience to buy from them — eliminate any doubts or fears by proving your escape room offers what it claims.

Pitfall 6: Motivation

Motivation is critical to the long term success of anything — including digital marketing. BUT, it’s not everything. Don’t expect to succeed with digital marketing with motivation alone.

You need a detailed plan, you need ample cash flow, you need to be prepared for tough times, you need to be constantly open to learning and trying new things, and you need to understand digital marketing and your audience!

Don’t overvalue the role motivation will play in your digital marketing success — there are many other parts just as important that you should not undervalue and neglect.

Pitfall 7: Scale

The goal of your digital marketing will be to sell – to get bookings. But don’t over estimate the importance of short term sales, at the sacrifice of the longer game. The digital marketing you put in place MUST be scalable.

Getting 10 bookings in a week might be good, but you want to be able to increase this over time and you need robust systems and digital marketing in place to do this.

Only then will you be able to achieve the personal goals you had in mind when you first decided to run your very own escape room.

Aim for long term successes — find digital marketing that you can scale up over time, leading to more bookings at a consistent and acceptable cost.

Pitfall 8: Growth

So you’ve been doing digital marketing a while and you’ve found a great way to get a good number of bookings. Well done. What’s next?

It can be tempting to leave it at that. Or, you can keep growing, keep doing different digital marketing and getting more bookings. It should be a constant, none stop process of growth. This will drive you to greater and greater things.

It’s your desire for growth – for more bookings –  that brought you to digital marketing — why stop there?

Never stop — when you achieve your booking goals, put other goals in place. Offer new experiences, try different digital marketing. GROW.

Pitfall 9: Procrastination

Procrastination plagues us all. It’s a constant threat, a temptation to take a break and come back later. We come up with excuses, claiming we’ve already come far and we deserve to enjoy our results for a while.

Whilst it’s important to take breaks and enjoy our success, there needs to be a limit. To overcome procrastination, consider splitting your goals into smaller segments you can work towards bit by bit.

This will make your goals seem less intimidating and so far away from where you are.Make the process of digital marketing as enjoyable and as easy as possible for you so you avoid procrastinating and stemming your own success.

That’s all for now. I really hope you’ve found todays blog post informative and useful. Be sure to keep the 9 pitfalls constantly in mind to ensure you experience only success from your digital marketing.  Check out 2 FREE ways of promoting your escape room below.

Before I go, on a personal note I wish you all and your loved ones all the best in the coming days and weeks.

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