A Free and Revolutionary Way to advertise your escape room that a lot of owners don’t know about

Hey friends, and welcome to our latest escape room marketing blog! Hope you and your loved ones are well!

2 weeks ago I shared the 9 pitfalls of using digital marketing for your escape room and how to avoid them.

Usually I aim to publish a blog each week, but having done that for nearly a year now I’m finding it harder and harder to come up with great strategies and ideas to help you guys out.

That being said, if you have a specific problem with your escape room marketing – please email me more information to dan@virallybot.com and I’ll look at publishing a solution in one of my future blogs. Thanks for helping me to help you guys 😊

Today I want to share a simple, free and revolutionary way to advertise your escape room. And funnily enough, it centres around blogs – but not marketing blogs like mine, escape room review blogs from visitors.

As you know, ratings, reviews and testimonials are critical to marketing your escape room, and they help people find the confidence to try you out and make a booking.

Imagine if you built on this and had your escape room rated and reviewed by one or more  influencers in the industry – somebody who is renown for playing dozens, if not hundreds, of escape rooms. They’re experts, and their opinions and online reviews both matter to and are read by many other escape room player and enthusiasts.

This will lead to free advertising for your escape room for years to come, as other players book with you from around the country – or even the world!

But how do you find influencers to visit your escape room and review them? That’s what I’m going to cover today. I’m also going to share with you exactly how to invite an influencer to visit you, so you can get started right away!

How to find these influencers and experts

Step 1 of this strategy is, surprise surprise, finding influencers to invite to play your escape room game for free.

Whilst reviews are published and shared across many different platforms, there are 6 primary websites used. And this is where your search begins.

It’s also worth noting that some of these websites are great directories too – so make sure to speak to them and get your escape room added too. This will make you more likely to attract an influencers attention too.

Website 1: http://escroomaddict.com/

This is a fantastic website which is ran by multiple teams of enthuiasts who play many escape rooms and follow a very rigid scoring system. Whilst they technically operate worldwide, the majority of reviews so far are in the USA, but also include Europe, Asia and Oceania.  This is a great place to start your search.

Website 2: http://thelogicescapesme.com/

This is a UK based escape room blog and review site, so if you’re based in the UK this is one not to miss!

Website 3: https://roomescapeartist.com/

Due to the worldwide pandemic this year, this website has specialised in reviewing online escape room experiences. So this is one to get in touch with if you run online experiences!

Website 4: https://escaperoomtips.com/

This is a purely USA escape room website at the moment, but effectively acts as a blog as well as a directory. There are many posts from teams of enthusiasts who have played escape rooms up and down the USA, coast to coast.

Website 5: https://www.escapegame.com/

This website is currently limited to the USA currently, but also offers a directory as well as reviews so again it’s worth getting on it if you’re in the USA!

Website 6: https://nowescape.com/

This is a directory and has reviews for escape rooms all over the world. However currently there doesn’t appear to be a direct way of contacting those who review many rooms on the website. It may be possible to speak to the owners and work it out that way.

As I say this is not an exhaustive list of your options, but it’s a fantastic start.

How to invite influencers

So what’s next? You’ve found one or more influencers who have played and review games in your area (or your country). How do you get them to visit you and review your experience?

You send them a lovely invite via the website they’re part of, or via email. But what do you say? How do you make your invitation as irresitable as possible?

Here’s a quick template I’d recommend using – feel free to reuse it or incorporate parts into your own.  Note: All underlined parts require your manual input! Don’t just copy and paste.

Dear influencer name,

My name is name and I run/own escape room name in location, country.

I’ve recently come across your reviews of other escape rooms in my area, and I love how much energy, time and love you put into each one – to ensure people have the most fair and accurate reviews to base their decision on which room to visit next as easy as possible.

I would love if you would be available to come and visit us and play one of our escape rooms. Here’s a list of each and some more information about each:

Escape room 1 – info

Escape room 2 – info


To obtain a fair and unbias review from somebody so experienced in escape rooms as yourself will not only help others to discover us, but will also allow us to identify areas of improvement so we can continue to offer the best experience possible.

As such we’d be more than happy to give you and your team free access to an escape room of your choice, at a time and date to suit, at absolutely no cost.

Thank you for taking the time to read. If you’d be interested in giving us a visit and taking us up on our offer, please get in touch with me on email address.

Best wishes,Name

Straight forward and direct. Of course you may need to invite several influencers before you get one to visit, but that’s life. They may simply be too busy to reply or be able to accept your offer – don’t take it personally.

At this stage I’d recommend sending out invites, and repeating the process to any new influencers you find and any who never replied – 3 months later. Rinse and repeat the process, and you’ll have a few reviews from reputable influencers and experts within a year – and bags of new bookings as a result.

An important note

I just wanted to make an important note before ending todays blog. This strategy requires the reviewer to travel across country, and maybe even across the world for international reviewers.

And considering the current state of the world due to the global pandemic, travel to and across many countries may not be allowed or strongly recommended. As much this may make the strategy difficult for you to carry out until the world returns to normal.

That being said, there’s nothing to stop your online escape room experiences from being reviewed!

But finally, there’s clear signs that the world is returning to normal – with life learning to continue and live with the pandemic. This is why I’ve decided to share this strategy now and not wait until everything is 100% back to normal which may be many more months or years (if at all).

That’s all for now. I really hope you’ve found todays blog post informative and useful. And don’t forget, if your escape room is facing specific marketing or booking problems – email me at dan@virallybot.com and I’ll share solutions in a future blog.   Check out 2 FREE ways of promoting your escape room below.

Before I go, on a personal note I wish you all and your loved ones all the best in the coming days and weeks.

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Thank You 😊

P.S. here’s 2 free ways of promoting your escape room;

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Similar to putting mini-games on your website to engage with people, you can do the same with static puzzles or brain teasers. Simple images that offer some kind of challenge is a fantastic way of engaging with visitors, getting them to stick around longer and making them more likely to book.

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