How To Boost Your Bookings From As Little As $5/Day

Hey, and welcome to the first Escape Room Marketing blog!

Today I want to talk about an effective method of marketing your escape room, that doesn’t break the bank. In fact, for as little as the cost of a coffee a day, you can start to market your escape room and get new bookings. Not only is the strategy I’m going to cover cost-effective, you can get started right away.

And you should! That’s right; once you’ve finished reading this blog, I challenge you to implement the strategy at once. If a team visiting your escape room didn’t take action, they’d run out of time, having never made progress towards escaping.

And you too much take action – towards marketing your escape room and boosting your bookings!

Before I dive in and reveal the $5/day strategy, there are a few things you’re going to need:

-A Facebook Ads account linked to your escape room page (and connected to a payment source)

-A smartphone that can record video

-60 minutes and a few minutes every few days

And that’s it!

Facebook Ads

If you hadn’t already guessed from the list of things you need, the strategy I’m going to be talking about involves using Facebook Ads. Whether you’ve tried these before or not, they’re easy to work your way around and have ads ready in an hour or less.

Facebook Ads have a lot of stigma attached to them. They’ve become a huge advertising tool, but escape room owners who are new to them wrongly believe they have to spend a lot of money on them. But they don’t!

Sure, once you’ve got a strategy that is delivering consistent bookings, you might decide to up your Facebook Ad spend. But for now, let’s stick with $5/day.

Facebook Ads are very popular before they deliver great results. The great results come from many different aspects of Facebook Ads, but targeting is a key part. The ability to target certain people, with certain demographics, interests, and locations, reduces the waste of money targeting the wrong people.

And this is hugely important for escape rooms. Escape rooms are great fun and hugely popular with many people – but not all! So, it’s important for you to target the right people, not just with Facebook Ads but with all of your marketing. But we’ll get to that.

The Strategy

The strategy we’re going to use is advertising a short video of one of your escape rooms. You’ll then use Facebook to record the people who watch most (if not all) of the video. Once you have a sufficient number of viewers, you’ll run further ads directly to them, inviting them to book a room.

Simple! And utilises targeting. Instead of promoting to everybody in your area, inviting them to book a room, you’re going to only invite those who have watched your video. It’s these people who are most interested, and those most likely to book!

So how do we put this into action?

Lights, Camera, Action!

Before we get onto the Facebook Ads, you need something to show the people you’re going to advertise to. Video is a great tool as it allows so much more to be shown compared to a static image or plain text.

And better yet, video doesn’t need to be high quality and professionally put together. In fact, recording a video on your smartphone is good enough! In between bookings, just take your phone out and record a very short video of one of your rooms – showing some of the different props and puzzles. 30-60 seconds is all you need to take a good idea of what people can experience.

You don’t need to record any audio for it, and you can literally use the raw footage. Sure, if you wanted, you could edit the footage or have it edited (Fiverr is a great place for video editors), audio added, etc. to enhance the video. But you really don’t need to.

Don’t take forever putting something together or doing take after take hoping for something to be perfect. Action is the key! Get something recorded, and let’s put it to use. Speaking of which…

Your First Ad

NB: The Facebook Ad platform is constantly being updated and improved, so a step-by-step guide to using it will easily become outdated and unusable. So, I’m going to briefly cover the steps you need to take, but you should use the official Facebook Ad guides to aid you when setting up.

With your video ready, let’s start sharing it!

  • Go to your Facebook Ads manager, and click New Campaign
  • You need to choose an objective for your campaign. Ensure you pick Video Views
  • Set the daily budget to $5/day
  • When picking an audience, choose only those who live within 25km of your location – don’t restrict your audience further at this stage
  • You can then create your ad – select and upload your video.
  • Add some text to your ad, such as “Watch this sneak peek of our most popular room: Baker Street
  • Submit your ad for review by Facebook – this can take up to 24 hours

In the meantime, you need to now set up a way of recording who watches your video. By going to the main menu and going on Audiences, you can have an audience build-up of people who have watched your specific video for certain %s of time – pick 50% as an absolute minimum.

Once your video ad is live, people will start to be shown your ad, and some will watch it – slowly building up your audience of 50%+ viewers. By going to Audiences via the main menu, you can see the size of the audience as it increases over time. Within a week, you should have at least 1,000 viewers, which is the minimum you need for your second ad!

Ad 2.0

With 1,000+ video viewers, you need to run an advert to only those people (who will be most interested in booking your room). At this stage, you can either continue your video ad (which I’d recommend) or stop and focus your budget on the second advert. Ideally, however, you need to keep your video ads running to increase your audience viewers.

Let’s create your second ad:

  • Go to your Facebook Ads manager, and click New Campaign
  • Choose the Conversions objective
  • Set the daily budget to $5/day
  • Choose the video viewer audience you created
  • Your ad can vary but include at least one image of your escape room
  • Add some text to your ad, such as “Do you have what it takes to escape Baker Street? Click here to book your room today”
  • Submit your ad for approval
  • Go to Conversions from the main menu and set one up for a booking – to do this, you’ll need the rough URL that people will land on AFTER they have booked with you. That way you can track the bookings you get from the strategy

At this stage, you want to run different ads and measure their performance over time. Different images and text will produce different results. Where possible, add discounts and other incentives. But remember, don’t treat these people as having never heard of you. They’ve watched your video, so they know you!

Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!

So there you have it: an effective way of marketing your escape room and getting bookings from as little as $5 a day! Did you forget my challenge? Take some time (today if possible) to go ahead and implement this strategy. The sooner you start the better, and can start seeing results.

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