How to get new followers on Facebook for as little as 3 cents/pence!

Hey friends, and welcome to our latest escape room marketing blog! It’s been a while since I last posted a blog, as I’ve been unwell and in hospital. However, I’m pleased to say the weekly blogs are back!

Before I get started, I’ve just got to take a moment to stop and say WOW! It’s amazing to see how far the industry has come since I last posted, and the escape room worldwide comeback is well under way – with many escape rooms now reopened and starting to thrive once more, or preparing to reopen any day now.

What I’m also loving is seeing new escape rooms popping up every single week! The escape room industry has suffered this year, of that there is no doubt. But the industry is here to stay, and that is truly down to the resilience and determination of every single one of you. Good job!

Today I’m going to share a proven marketing strategy that you can start using TODAY to get new followers on Facebook for as little as 3 cents/pence!

But you may be asking, why are followers important? Well, with an increased following on Facebook (and ultimately other social media), you’re able to engage with more people, promoting your escape room and getting new bookings. Sure, not every new follower will become a customer – but the more you do have, the better – and with the strategy I’m about to share, you can get many followers at a very low cost!

Without further ado, let’s get started…

The Strategy

The strategy is incredibly simple!

  1. Create a competition offering a free escape room visit for a team, with competition rules in place
  2. Make a Facebook post on your page promoting the competition
  3. Boost the competition post to people in your area at a cost of $5/£5 a day
  4. Engage with all of your followers to get the most out of them (bookings!)
  5. Select and announce winner – and rinse and repeat

Let’s now dive into each step where I’ll also provide examples and templates so you can get this strategy up and running in less than 60 minutes!

Step 1 – Create the competition

Before anything, you need a competition! There are 4 parts of the competition you need to decide upon before going any further:

  1. The prize – what are people actually competing to win – be clear, and be generous!
  2. Value – what is the value of the prize – be accurate. If the value ends up being quite low, consider offering a bigger prize. The value will entice people to enter (or not)
  3. Deadline – be really clear when the deadline is and stick to it. You don’t want it to be too far away, but also not too close so you can get as many entries (and followers) as possible
  4. Rules – what people need to do to enter the competition

And here is the kind of competition I’d strongly suggest using:

  1. Prize = free entry for 1 person and 4 of their friends to play your most popular escape room
  2. Value = $100/£100 at least
  3. Deadline = 19th September (assuming competition starts 28th August
  4. Rules = MUST like /follower the page, share the post on their timeline and tag (link) the 4 friends they’d bring with them

The rules are incredibly important for your success here. Whilst the prize/value/deadline can vary, I strongly recommend using the precise rules I’ve shared. This will enable your post, page and escape room to get maximum local exposure on Facebook as well as the most likes/follows as possible.

Step 2 – Make a Facebook post

Now you’ve decided on your competition, next you need to create a post to share (and then boost) on your page. There’s two parts to this post: The text copy, and an image.

The text copy will be used to explain the ins and outs of the competition and the main 4 parts you decided upon in step 1. Be really clear, make it clear what people have to do, and what they are up for winning.

The image is designed to catch peoples attention, sharing a small amount of information of the competition, leading to people reading the main text and ultimately entering themselves.

Here’s a template you can use for your text copy:

It’s competition time!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning visit to our famous Great Escape escape room for you and 4 friend – valued at £125, is…

1. Like our page
2. Share this post
3. Tag the 4 friends you’ll be bringing with you if you win

A winner will be randomly picked out from all those who enter across Facebook and Instagram on Friday 19th September.

Good luck guys!

And here’s an example of the kind of image that performs the best:

Whilst it’s important to have some text on your image, you don’t want too much on it. Use this Facebook image checker tool to ensure you don’t have too much text on your image, which will lead to your boosted post performing badly:

When you’re happy, post the image and text onto your page and pin the post to the top of your page until the competition ends.

Step 3 – Boosting the post

With your post “posted” on your escape rooms page, you can start boosting it. Boosting is Facebooks term for promoting the post outside of your page by spending money. Whilst the Facebook Ads platform is confusing and complex for first timers, boosting is designed to be much simpler and was built with 1st timers in mind.

That said, I’m going to talk you through step-by-step how to boost your post. Please note, Facebook is constantly evolving, so my instructions here may become outdated. If you experience problems feel free to email me at or use Facebooks support section.

  1. Go to your page and find your post. There should be a blue button that reads Boost post, click that
  2. Under objective, make sure to select the Post engagements option (Get more people to react, comment and share)
  3. For your post button, select Sign Up
  4. Under audience, select the People you choose through targeting option and select Edit
    1. Under gender, leave it as All
    1. Under Age, leave it as the default 18-65+
    1. Under locations, remove the default option which will be your local town/city only.
      1. Then retype the name of your town/city but this time select a radius of +25 km to also cover the local area and those who are able to drive to your escape room
  5. Under Automatic placements, leave this as ON
  6. Under duration and budget, select the end date as the date your competition will end
    1. For total budget, you want to have at least $5/£5 for every day the competition is running. You can update this further down the line, allowing you to increase it once you see how successful it’s working for you.
  7. Under payment, ensure you have a payment method connected to your ad account, and that you have the ad account selected also.
  8. Double check everything, then click Boost. Your post will then be reviewed and hopefully approved by Facebook shortly afterwards and will start to be shown to people in your area.

Step 4 – Engaging with all of your new followers

You now have everything in place to run your competition and receive new followers at a very, very low cost. But all that work will be for nothing if you fail to engage with your following. So, how can you engage with them?

There are many different ways which work, and I covered them in a previous blog which you can read HERE.

And there you go – how to get new followers on Facebook from as little as 3 cents/pence AND how to engage with them so they become new paying customers in the future.

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And on a personal note I wish you all and your loved ones all the best in the coming days and weeks

Thank You 😊


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