How to get up to 15% more bookings for your escape room experiences by doing just ONE thing!

Hey friends and welcome to our latest escape room marketing blog! I hope you and your loved ones are well wherever you are in the world.

Today I want to provide the most simple and honest answer I can to the question I get asked all the time: “How do I get more bookings for my escape room?”.

More bookings, they’re the epitome of escape room marketing and the reason you spend so much effort marketing each and every day.

Depending on your escape rooms current situation, I could provide one of ninety-nine different answers to that question. Because it really does depend on you and your escape room.

BUT – there’s one answer that I am always able to give to any escape room, anywhere, at any time. There’s one way that any escape room can use to get more bookings: up to 15% more bookings to be precise.

The answer is surprisingly simple and straightforward, because its embedded in the core concepts of why escape rooms work in the first place: People just love a challenge, they love an obstacle to be able to overcome, they love to be tested.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and answer the million-dollar question “How do I get more bookings for my escape room?”.

The Answer

So, what precisely is the answer to what is probably the biggest question in escape room marketing today and in the future?

There’s actually two answers, kind of!

There’s the short answer… and the long one!

Short answer = ENGAGE!

And no, I don’t mean propose to your potential customers! I mean engage with them in a way that they will enjoy, and that will entice them to book one of your rooms or online experiences.

So how do you do that? Let’s look at the long answer…

Long answer = ENGAGE with people on your website by offering them a unique challenge.

So what exactly do I mean by this? Before I share the best methods of achieving this, I want to help you to understand the whole concept behind this – and just why it works. Because once you do, you’ll be going “DOH!” and wondering why you hadn’t done this all along!

Let’s meet Bob. Bob loves mental challenges – puzzles, brain teasers, you know the kind of thing. But he’s yet to give an escape room a go. He’s unsure if it will be worth his time and well earned money, and whether he’ll get the same excitement from them as he does playing puzzles etc. He occasionally visits his local escape rooms website, but leaves within minutes unconvinced.

Now I have a question for you. How many “Bobs” visit your escape room website every day? They’re your ideal target audience, but they leave without booking. I bet it’s a lot!  

Let’s go back to Bob. So Bob is scrolling Facebook one day, and sees a typical escape room advert from his local room. Again, slightly interested, he clicks the ad and visits the website. But instead of a quick view and closing down the page, he sticks around. He is instantly attracted by a pop up offering him a little challenge! Intrigued, he clicks this invitation and takes the challenge. Whilst only short, Bob is instantly engaged with the escape room. He’s effectively experienced a free glimpse of the feelings, the emotions, the CHALLENGE he will if he was to book and visit the escape room.

What does Bob do now – does he leave the website without booking, like he’s done a dozen times before? Or does he make a booking first? Well, thanks to the engagement he’s experienced he’s much more likely to make that booking than ever before. In fact, up to 15 of every 100 “Bobs” will now book with you when they normally wouldn’t.

All because you’re giving your audience what they want – in a straight forward, free and simple way.

How can YOU achieve this?

So now you know the concept, the question is how do you create this engagement that means 15% more of your website visitors (or Bobs!”) now book with you instead of leaving your website?

Ideally you want a way which is interactive on your website itself, something that people can truly “use” and engage with. Something like an interactive game that is part of your website.

THIS is the best example and option available right now (unless you have an in-house web developer and animator.

Not only does this option have a proven history of working for other escape rooms, it’s free to use for the first 30-days so there’s no risk. Give it a go!

If you are in the position of having an in-house web developer and/or animator, you may prefer to create your own engagement challenge for your own website.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the resources or people for this – there are other options.

Whilst an interactive web-game works best, static or even text challenges or brain teasers can work too. Whilst they’re not as affective, they’re a great way for you to test this new marketing idea at little cost.

Plus, you should already be postings brain teasers etc. on your social media often (if you don’t: DO!), so simply use those images on your website as well.


Speaking of social media

Speaking of social media, if you love the whole concept of engagement across platforms, from your website to facebook, you should check out this free demo which allows you to engage and get bookings on the Facebook Messenger platform!

And there we go, how to get 15%+ more bookings from your website, and social media too!

Remember, this concept can be applied to ALL escape rooms, whether you offer only online experiences, only in-person experiences, or a mixture of both. And the concept is universal – so whereever you are in the world, you can use this to get more “Bobs” to book 😉   

That’s all for now. I really hope you’ve found todays blog post informative and useful.

Before I go, on a personal note I wish you all and your loved ones all the best in the coming days and weeks.

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