Key 1 Of Escape Room Marketing – Engagement

Hey, and welcome to the first escape room marketing blog of March! I know I keep saying it, but WOW time is flying fast this year! It just goes to show; there is absolutely NO TIME TO WASTE 😊

Last week I talked about How To Make A Great Escape Room Trailer, And How To Use It To Attract New Customers Click here to read that now.

Starting today, though, I want to go over the 8 keys of escape room marketing. Marketing can take many shapes & forms; some perform well for some escape rooms, others less so.

But there are certain requirements EVERY escape room must have and use in their marketing in order for it to be successful. And today I’m going to talk about the first: engagement.

You may have heard of this term before, but if you haven’t here’s a quick definition:

If somebody is engaged with your escape room, they will be active on your social media. They will view your content, often liking it, sharing it, commenting on it, etc. They’re ENGAGED.

Now I’m sure if you were to think about your social media following, what % of them would you say were actually engaged with your content? I’ll hazard a bet that the % is very low!

But that’s fine because today I’m going to share a few ways you can build engagement with your followers.

But first, I want to really get across the importance of engagement and why you MUST do all you can to engage with people…

BUT, before I do that, a quick note.

In order for your following to engage with you and take the action you want (and honestly, need them to!), you must first be willing to take action yourself!

Reading this blog is a great first step, but you need to take what you learn from it and put it into action! So by the end of the blog (I will check up with you!), I want you to have picked at least 1 method of engagement to start doing right away – and keep doing it forever!

Whilst starting any new marketing or method of engagement is great, it’s also critical to consistently do it. No marketing will work If you only dabble in it, and try it once or twice. Stick with it, and the bookings will come 😊

Why Is Engagement So ‘Key?’

To help you to really understand why engagement is so important, let’s look at two example escape rooms:

Example 1: 10,000 likes on Facebook

Example escape room 1 has a large following of 10,000 people on Facebook. This is a great number to have on any social media platform when you’re an escape room.

So you’d think that the escape room was able to leverage this high number of followers to create more bookings and customers? Wrong.

You see, very few of the 10,000 people are actually engaged with the escape room. Very few view their posts, comment, like, or share.

So when the escape room promotes a fantastic video trailer of their soon to be released escape room, they get next to no bookings from their Facebook following. The owners just don’t understand why surely 10,000 followers would lead to a good amount of bookings?

Not when they’re not engaged!

Example 2: 1,000 likes on Facebook

Example escape room 2, on the other hand has 1/10 of the likes on Facebook, only 1,000. This is a more moderate number for escape rooms on Facebook.

So surely you’d expect them to get less bookings than example 1? Well, actually, no!

You see, a significant number of the 1,000 followers on Facebook are engaged. They view the escape rooms content all of the time, liking, commenting, and sharing it. They just can’t get enough!

So when example 2 promotes their new escape room, a great number of their smaller following books the new room than example 1!

This goes to show that whilst having numbers on your social media is good, what is more important is engagement!

An engaged follower is worth more than 10 unengaged followers!

But how do you create engaged followers?

Let’s look at 3 different ways!

How To Create Engagement: Team Photos

One way of creating engagement on your social media is through the use of team photos. Now I know what you’re thinking, you already post photos of your winning and losing teams on social media, right?

Most escape rooms do, and that’s a great start to creating engagement, but you need to go that bit further!

Let’s say that 95% of escape rooms post team photos often, right?

But what % of escape rooms actively ask and encourage teams to tag themselves in the photos?

10% or less, I reckon!

Here’s a great example of an escape room that does, however:

This team went and tagged themselves on their team photo. But how does this create engagement?

By being tagged in the photo, the friends of the team members will also see the photo and your escape room. Some will go onto like or comment on the photo, i.e. engaging on it. Some will then go on to book your rooms directly because they want to see what the fuss is all about, and want to be like their friends!

Now obviously, you can’t force every team to tag themselves in their team photo. But by lightly mentioning the idea, you’ll get more doing it than you get now, and you’ll start to build engagement – and bookings – directly on the back of it!

How To Create Engagement: Special Mentions

Another great way of building engagement is what I like to call special mentions. This is where an escape room calls out a particular customer or team, for something special they’ve done. Maybe an individual has played every single room you have, or played them all 10 times over!

Or perhaps, like the great example below, a team has beaten the record on one of your rooms!

By taking the time and making the effort to specially mention a customer or group of customers, you’re giving back to them for their time, commitment, and money that they’ve invested in your escape room.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort and goes a long way. These kind of posts see a lot of action, comments, likes, etc.

PLUS, combine a special mention with a team photo like the example above, with team members tagging themselves, and multiply your engagement!

How To Create Engagement: Brain Teasers

Thirdly, and this is my favourite, we have brain teasers. I’m sure you agree that escape room customers come in many different shapes and sizes. They could be groups of friends, family, colleagues, they could even be stag or hen dos!

But one thing they ALL have in common, is that they love a challenge – right?

So what better way of engaging with people is there than providing them quick challenges?

Here’s a great example of a simple brain teaser but has gotten a lot of engagement – likes & comments.

Taking the effort to post a new one each week, and your followers will keep coming back to your page for more. Plus competition is a major element in challenges, and people love to share brain teasers with friends to see if they can beat them too.

Go one step further by combining brain teasers with a competition. Have your followers post what they believe the answer to be, and then pick one at random to win a free room or a discount coupon!

This will generate even more engagement, and lead directly to new bookings!

Posting brain teasers is a form of Gamification Marketing that is a proven method of building engagement and creating new customers from your following on social media.

Give it a go – post a new brain teaser or puzzle every week for a year. It sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. If you’d like to receive free and branded brain teasers every week straight into your inbox, check out the end of this blog!

“Engage!” – Make It So

That’s all for todays blog. I hope I’ve helped you to realise the true power of engagement, and inspired you to start producing engaging content on a regular basis. It will truly make a difference!

Before I let you go, I hope you’ve picked at least one of the three engagement methods to try for yourself. Make sure you stick to it, and let me know how they go!

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