The escape room marketing strategy that is making a comeback!

Hey friends, and welcome to our latest escape room marketing blog!

Last week, I shared a way of ensuring you never, ever, run out of customers in the future!

Today I want to bring you a marketing strategy that has over the years been slowly dying – BUT, in 2020 and beyond is making a huge comeback.

That makes it a strategy you really need to be getting into and not missing out on, and in my blog I’ll give you everything you need to get started today!

So, what is this strategy? It’s something you would have heard of, would have been on the receiving end of from many businesses (not just escape rooms), and may even be something you’ve tried in the past – but might not have gotten many bookings from. It’s…


Now wait a second. I know what you may be thinking, isn’t direct mail just an outdated form of marketing, replaced by all of the digital methods of the modern world?

In some ways, yeah. Direct mail, along with many other forms of traditional marketing, have been replaced in the last few decades by digital methods.

But this, my friends, is precisely why direct mail is now making a comeback – and is going to do a much better job of advertising your escape room and getting bookings than ever before.

Because the world is full of digital marketing right now – every single one of us is advertised over 300 different times a day. And don’t get me wrong, digital marketing is amazing. It will always be around. But it’s because there is so much digital marketing right now, that it’s almost becoming a blur with people.

Don’t get me wrong, digital will always make a huge chunk of your marketing efforts and rightfully so!

But step 1 of any marketing is to catch your audiences attention. And what better way of catching somebody’s attention, than marketing to them in a different way to everybody else? This is where the direct mail comes in…

Receiving direct mail will give you more attention of your audience and more time to persuade them to learn more about what you offer and do than most digital marketing right now.

And this is precisely why you need to start doing some direct mail!

But the question is, how do you do it? Because even whilst it’s making a comeback, it is possible to do direct mail badly.

To help, I’m going to share today:

  • The key parts which make up a successful direct mail campaign
  • AND 3 different templates you can use to get your direct mail campaigns just perfect

So without further a do, let’s dive in!

What makes a successful direct mail campaign

First things first, WHO should you send direct mail to? And how often?

When it comes to the who, you have 2 options – both which work well.

Firstly, you want to send direct mail to homes of local residents – depending how far customers are usually willing or able to travel to visit you, use that radius as indication of how far afield to send your mail. This might sound complicated, but there are many great companies who deliver localised mail for businesses like yours. So let them worry about this! As for frequency, do one load of direct mail and then wait at least 6 months before repeating it. Or scatter it across different areas over a 6 month period.

Unless you’re a brand new escape room, the chances are you have a list of past customers including many details. This may or may not include their home addresses, which is something usually confirmed as part of the payment and booking process. Past customers are a great target for different marketing, including direct mail.

The key is to make sure you don’t market to past customers too soon after their visit – leave it 6 months or so.

Next, the mail itself. Direct mail can take many shapes and forms – but what I’ve found works best has 2 parts.

Firstly, a letter addressed to the occupier of that house.

Secondly, a discount coupon attached to the letter.

People love receiving gifts, and direct mail not only allows you to get your audiences attention; you can also give them a physical discount coupon. And it works wonders!

Sure, you have the cost of printing and specific mailing, which means this option can be more expensive than other marketing methods. But you’ll get great results!

Let’s look more into and the coupon.

If you don’t have coupons already, you’ll have to get some designed and printed. In that case, here’s a few things your coupon MUST include:

-CLEAR instructions on how to claim the discount – usually a short URL people can go to

-CLEAR value and terms and conditions – for example, 10% when you book X room or make a booking with X people

-It should be well branded and be clearly part of the rest of your escape room branding

-It should say THANK YOU on it!

-It needs to look great – ensure you use a professional designer.

-The quality of the printed coupon needs to be decent and ideally, two sided.

These are fairly broad rules because the more critical part of the direct mail campaign is the letter. It’s this that will determine whether they book with you, or not!

Letters have a reputation of being long, full of words, and awful to read. But not yours! It will be short, catchy and entice your audience to use the coupon you gave them in the next few weeks.

Because the letter is critical to the whole strategy, let’s look at some templates next that you can freely use and adjust for your own campaign.

Template 1 – for general use for a general local audience

Hey resident!

Do you love a challenge?

How about spending time with friends or family?

Then you’ll love taking on one of our 3 escape rooms:

[Apocalypse Now] – can you save not only yourself, but the entire world in time?

[Pyramid Plunder] – can you get away with the Pharaoh’s treasure, or will you be trapped in his tomb forever?

[Baker Street] – do you consider yourself more of a Sherlock, or a Watson? You’ll need to think like both to solve your latest case!

We wanted to give back to the local community who have supported us, so you’ll also find an exclusive discount coupon attached.

We invite you to visit our website, learn more about our escape rooms and, should you fancy a challenge with friends & family, use the coupon to save you money on your first booking and visit with us.

The Team at [The Best Escape Room Ever]

Template 2 – for past customers

Note: with letters to your past customers, you have info like their name and maybe even what room they played last time, and whether they won or not (if you don’t retain this info, consider doing so from now on)

Hey [Name]!

Can you believe it’s been over 3 months since you last visited [The Best Escape Room Ever]?! Crazy, right? If you recall, you and your friends played the [Baker Street Room] on [31st August 2019], and you managed to escape.

Way to go!

We wanted to invite you to come back to [The Best Escape Room Ever] and play one of our other rooms;

[Apocalypse Now]

[Pyramid Plunder]

Or you can see if you can beat [Baker Street] a second time!

As a further thank you for your last visit, we wanted to offer you a 10% discount on your next booking when you bring 5 or more friends with you!

Visit to get your discount and make your next booking, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

The Team at [The Best Escape Room Ever]

Template 3 – puzzles, puzzles, puzzles!

This third and final template stands alone to the others but can equally work well.

It works by providing the recipient with a small printed puzzle for them to complete. This further enhances the impact and attention received from your direct mail, but requires additional work – which is why I’ve included it separately.

A simple letter template:

Dear Challenger,

Have you got what it takes to complete the puzzle?

If (like us!) you love things like this, you will LOVE to visit one of our escape rooms with your friends. Visit and enter discount code #bestever2020 to get a 10% discount today!

You could also do a more targeted campaign to past customers, getting their attention with a great puzzle, and challenging them to come back for more!

Dear Tom,

It’s been a while since you last visited, so we thought we’d send you a quick brain teaser to get the old brain cells working again!

If you’re up for the challenge, you should come back and try our brand new escape room. Bring 4 or more friends with you, and get 20% off!

Visit for more info!

It doesn’t need to be complicated – the key is the engagement created with a puzzle!

That’s all for now. I really hope you’ve found todays blog post informative and useful. I strongly recommend getting into (or back into) direct mail as soon as possible. This comeback, whilst in its infancy, will not last forever. As more and more businesses take advantage of direct mail over the coming years, the less effective it will start to have on drawing peoples attention.  

Before I go, on a personal note I wish you all and your loved ones all the best in the coming days and weeks.

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Similar to putting mini-games on your website to engage with people, you can do the same with static puzzles or brain teasers. Simple images that offer some kind of challenge is a fantastic way of engaging with visitors, getting them to stick around longer and making them more likely to book.

There are many websites that can inspire you to make your own puzzles or brain teasers, or you can sign up to receive weekly branded puzzles straight into your inbox for FREE by clicking here.

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