What To Do When Your Escape Room Is Temporarily Closed

Hey, and welcome to the latest escape room marketing blog.

I actually had a different blog lined up to be published today, but given the current situation worldwide, I wanted to cover something else.

So right now, a large number of escape rooms have had to temporarily close their doors. And I imagine in the coming days and weeks; all will have no choice but to close – across the world.

These are uncertain and dark times for all, there’s no denying it. But that doesn’t mean that you as escape room owners cannot work on your escape room business during this temporary period of downtime.

In fact, this is a great time and opportunity as any to overtake your escape room competitors and really make some progress on your escape room business in several different ways, which is something I wanted to cover with you today.

I know it’s tempting to mope around, feel sorry for yourself and do nothing constructive until this all blows over. Trust me, as a writer and marketer I’ve been there. But it’s not the best approach to take.

This is actually a great opportunity – there are so many positives that we can all take from this situation, so that when (not if!) your escape room reopens, you’ll be able to start overtaking your competitors, getting new customers and growing again right away.

So, before we dive in, make sure you take notes! This is a time for action, not in-action 😊

Learn New Marketing

Life is busy, and as an owner, you may struggle to find the time to learn and implement new marketing strategies for your escape room – no matter how much you may want to, or know you need to.

Well, now is the best opportunity to do so! I’ve published a lot of resources in the last 4 months that you can dive into.

  • Firstly, there’s this here blog! Since December I’ve been posting weekly blogs, each with one or more unique marketing strategies and learnings inside. You may have read some already, but now you have the time to read them all. You’ll never know what you can learn!
  • And starting this week, I’ll be posting blogs and strategies specific to the current situation we’re all facing, so stay tuned for that!
  • I also published a 78-page escape room marketing strategy guide back in February (boy does that seem really far away now!). This covers 9+ strategies, and has detailed instructions on how to carry out each strategy. Download yours now at www.virallybot.com/guide
  • Engage and interact with other escape room owners just like yours on a number of different escape room owner groups on Facebook & Linkedin. We’re all in this together, after all!
  • And finally, if you’d love some one-to-one gu,idance on marketing, or would just enjoying chatting with a marketing geek like me, feel free to get in touch at dan@virallybot.com and I’d be happy to chat with you for absolutely no cost. I want to help you all through these difficult times as much as I can, and honestly it gets a bit lonely stuck in my home office all day every day!

Now obviously, you don’t want to put any new marketing strategy live for the time being, but you can get set up ready. You can decide what you’re going to try to do and how you’re going to do it.

But there’s one piece of “marketing” you still want to do…


If you’ve read any of my blogs or content before, the chances are you’ve seen me talk about engagement. Engaging your social media followings are critical to turning them into booking and paying customers.

But just because you can’t take any new bookings right now, it doesn’t mean you should stop engaging with your followings. When things are all over (I’ll keep repeating it because things will get better!), your engaged followers will start to book your rooms. They’ll get to a point where they cant wait for things to go back to normal, so they can come and visit you!

Plus, at times like this it’s great just to engage with people out there on social media. Remind people you’re still there, and things will get better.

And whilst you’re at it, share puzzles and brain teasers for people to play!

I’m extending my free weekly branded puzzle service to as many escape rooms who want them during this situation. Once a week (Wednesday), I’ll send you a different puzzle (just like these below) with your logo on, so you can go and share them on your social media. Just click here to sign up.

What Else?

There’s so many other things you can work on during these quiet days!

  • Work on systemising your marketing with your team so everybody works towards the same strategies and delivers the marketing consistently (consistency is so important)
  • Get your family involved in your escape room business. They can help you generate new ideas, look after the building and help you get ready for the re-opening.
  • Plan for the future! This is just a temporarily glitch in your plans and future of your escape room business. Think about all the new things you want to achieve with it in the future. The new rooms you want to introduce. The new customer service tweaks you want to make. Etc.
  • And above all, make sure you’re armed and ready for D-Day: The day when you can re-open your escape room to the general public. And this is the biggest takeaway I really want you to take from todays blog. Use this time wisely, learn, develop, and get ready for the re-opening so you can get back on your feet and get many new customers as soon as possible!

Before I sign off for this week, I want to cover one last thing that you all need to do:

  • Look after yourself, and your family, both mentally and physically, in the days to come. Do all you can to support others around you and in your local neighbour and businesses networks, as long as you do not endanger yourself.

That is of course the most important thing right now. Helping others, and yourself. But when you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands in the coming days and weeks, be sure to do all of the things I’ve suggested today.

We’ll make it through the other side my friends! And I’ll keep posting my weekly blogs every Monday.

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